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Ekphrastic Event Online

Each year in August our Northwind Art Gallery invites poets to come in, select a painting and write a poem about it. Previously the gallery then hosted a evening of Ekphrastic readings. This year, however, due to the pandemic, poets were asked to peruse the paintings on the gallery’s website to chose one to write about. We could also visit during weekend open hours to see the work in person. The poems were then posted on the website next to the art they addressed. This is kind of cool since now anyone anywhere can see both painting and poetry! I chose Wanda Mawhinney’s beautiful “The Leafless Trees” as my inspiration for a poem of the same name. You can view the painting and read my work by going to www.northwindarts.org. Click on Literary Arts at the top of the page, then Northwind Reading Series. Under that you will find a button called Ekphrasitic Poetry for Autumn. After you click on this, scroll down through the beautiful art to find mine and Wanda’s leafless trees.

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