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Being Barbara, A Poem that Had to be Written

When we were visiting Victoria BC last year, we went into Murchie’s Tea Shop which we always visit when we take the ferry to Canada. Besides buying tea to bring home, we had a fresh brewed cup and pastry. Then I went downstairs to the washroom. As I looking down at my hands as I washed them, the woman next to be exclaimed, “Barbara!” I knew immediately she had mistaken me for someone very dear to her. When I looked up and she saw I was not her Barbara, her expression was so shattered. I knew this moment was a poem. My poem, “Being Barbara in the Women’s Washroom,” is now in the Fall 2020 online Crone issue of Gyroscope, “fine poetry to turn your world around.” Go to www.gyroscopereview.com where you can download the free PDF version. My poem is in the second section, pg. 41.

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