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Hospice House

“Hospice House” New Poetry Collection from MoonPath Press

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I am so pleased to announce the release of my new poetry collection, “Hospice House,” from MoonPath Press. The book contains 65 poems. Some are inspired by patients and families I had the honor to serve as a Hospice RN. Others are about loved ones of mine who have crossed to the other side. And a number speak to the spirit of place or extraordinary situations.

I hope this is a chronicle of joy rather than of sadness. I intended my words to celebrate the continuous nature of relationships, changing certainly, but still dynamic and fulfilling. When I leaf through my book I can feel the strength and courage it takes to live in and also to leave our beautiful world.

Many thanks to Lana Hechtman Ayes, Editor of MoonPath Press and to Carolyn Clarkson who provided the cover art. And to all my readers who support my writing.