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50 Things to Do with a Poem

I started this list a few years ago and it has now grown to 50! It was one of the hand-outs at my recent Publish Your Poetry workshop. Since writers who weren’t able to attend requested a copy, I decided to post it here. 50 THINGS TO DO WITH A POEM Submit poems at least…Read More »



Dreaming on the Stair Climber: Sources of Inspiration

Dreaming on the Stair Climber: Sources of Inspiration Lately I have encountered the term ‘Psychic Download’ repeatedly. It refers to a message from the universe that arrives intact and often unexpectedly, beautifully worded and resonantly true. Wow! Don’t we wish all poems came like that! A number of musicians and lyricists including John Lennon have…Read More »



My New Book “The Fates” is Here!

The Fates My beautiful new poetry book “The Fates” which won Bright Hill Press’ annual contest is a reality! I am so grateful to editor Bertha Rogers for the tasteful and readable design and for the exquisite cover art entitled “Two Birds Speaking.” My book contains 58 poems arranged into three sections, each headed by…Read More »



Not Black or Native. Daring to Become Other Even for an Evening

I am so thrilled to have my poem “The Girl Who Wore Cedar” in the recently released WA129 Anthology put together by Washington poet laureate Tod Marshall.  This is a true poem made from the joining of two stories that began in my childhood.  It is dedicated to “Judy” someone I was almost able to…Read More »

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