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Joanne the Poet - The Poetry of Joanne M. Clarkson

There’s Always a Miracle

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 6.24.49 PMThere’s Always A Miracle

True Stories of Life Before & After Death

by Joanne M. Clarkson Hospice RN

Death has been part of my life since I was a child. Miracles have been the balance, turning terror into mystery. I traveled a long way to find my calling as a Hospice Nurse. My years caring for the dying changed my way of thinking about body and spirit. These pages contain twenty-four stories of ghosts and music and a failed GPS system. Of UFOs and convicts. Of a fateful traffic accident and imaginary roses. Five chapters from my personal life frame nineteen examples of how final moments become extraordinary. In this book, small coincidences make a great difference. Single acts of unselfish love let us know we are not alone in our sorrow and wonder.

-Joanne M. Clarkson RN, Author

Joanne M. Clarkson’s poems, stories and non-fiction pieces have appeared in over 150 magazines and journals internationally. She has published four volumes of poetry. Joanne has Master’s Degrees in English and Library Science and worked as a teacher and professional librarian. After taking care of her mother through a long illness, she re-careered as a Registered Nurse specializing in Home Health and Hospice. Joanne has read Palms and Tarot most of her life, taught by her grandmother,Psychic Esther Monson Erdman.