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Joanne the Poet - The Poetry of Joanne M. Clarkson

Writers Digest

During the month of April, Writers Digest sponsored Poem-a-Day writing prompts. After writing a poem based on the theme, poets could post it to Robert L. Brewer’s blog. There were 700-1,000 posts daily. Brewer chose 10 poems each day to send to a famous poet judge who then selected a winning poem. These 30 poems were collected in Poem Your Heart Out: Prompts, Poems and Room to Add Your Own, a book published by Words Dance Press. Two of my poems won! I was selected for the prompt, “City Poem,” on April 12 for my work “Flesh and Leather,” and again on April 15 for the prompt, “Last Straw” for the poem of the same name about a scarecrow in spring. This is an enjoyable book that is also useful both as a prompt for writing and to learn about 30 great poets writing (and judging) today.

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