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Joanne the Poet - The Poetry of Joanne M. Clarkson


I was recently informed that I received a GAP (Grants for Artist Projects) award from Artist Trust of Washington (www.artisttrust.org).   I am so excited and so deeply honored.  I have received grants involving poetry in the past but they were given to the institution I represented, not to me personally and not to focus exclusively on my own writing.  I write poetry because I am compelled and feel most fully alive when I do it – not to receive exclaim.  Nonetheless, being validated feels good.  And it motivates me to keep going.

The grant will give me time and inspiration to work on a full-length collection based, generally, on what I have gleaned from my nursing:

All of us witness more suffering than we would like, or can explain.  In a field where pain is prevalent, I believe that it is essential, not to keep feeling it exactly, but to keep acknowledging it both as adversary and as compass.  And in the end, we move beyond it, using all our senses, even those we don’t yet fully understand.

In my proposal, I included sessions with a mentor and time spent at a retreat.  I am really, really eager to continue this path.  Many, many thanks to all who encourage me including Bryan Willis and members of my Pan Writers group, Board Members and friends at OPN, my family and those who share their stories and hope with me daily.

Here I go on an amazing adventure!!!

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