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30 Poems During November!

I have pledged to write a poem a day this month!  This is a gift to myself, allowing time to do one of the things I love best.  This Marathon is sponsored by Tupelo Press.  Nine of us are writing together and our poems are posted each day at www.tupelopress.org/3030-project-2/.  Or you can type in Tupelo 30 30 and the page will appear.

This is also a fund-raiser for the press, a non-profit venue for poets to shine!  Thank you for supporting me through donations — and especially in spirit and through reading my work!

  1. If you read something I write that moves you, contribute because of emotion or insight.
  2. If something I write inspires you to create something beautiful, contribute in gratitude.
  3. Proceeds from my psychic readings this month go to the press, so if you have been thinking about a Palm and Tarot reading, schedule now! Joanne the Psychic can do cell phone or email readings.  She would be glad to schedule an in-person session.  Email joanneclarkson28@gmail.com or call 360-701-2030 to set it up!

Thank you for sending me energy to complete my month-long journey. Without the greater heart of all my friends and fellow-writers, not a word would be possible!

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