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Joanne the Poet - The Poetry of Joanne M. Clarkson



I Dreamed I Was Writing a Poem

Over the past 3 months, several times in my dreams I have been actively writing a poem. I do not remember ever having dreamed about this before. Each time it…Read More »



The Poem Only You Can Write

I challenge you today to write a poem that only you can write. There are common themes, but specifics belong to us alone. Things we have done bravely or in…Read More »



Poems from the Tarot

How Tarot Cards Inspire Writing I was thrilled with the way my recent ‘Writing from the Tarot’ workshop worked out! I have been trying to develop this program for a…Read More »



Tarot Inspired Poem

Poems from the Tarot A Zoom Workshop for National Poetry Month, April 2021  with Joanne M Clarkson, Psychic Poet As my gift to myself and the Universe during National Poetry…Read More »