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The Power of Poetry Affirmations

Artistic expression takes not only practice and study, it requires us to keep our mind and spirit in a place of faith and joy. I have long benefitted from repeating daily affirmations that express how and why I want and need to be a poet. I am sharing my current ones in the hope that it might inspire you to create your list of ways to stay positive and productive:

Poetry Affirmation 2022

I am a successful Poet.

I write poetry every day.

I read poetry every day.

I love words and how they shape themselves into beauty every day.

I feel honored to be among those who share my love of poetry.

I publish my poetry which takes perseverance, research, faith and thankfulness.

I interact with my poetry spirit council.

I participate in poetry writing and discussion groups.

I learn more and more about my chosen craft of poetry.

I teach poetry and create opportunities and experiences for others who love poetry.

Poetry makes me more aware of the world.

Poetry makes me the person I am supposed to be, the best person I can be today, the person I love being.

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