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We’Moon 2020

I just received my copies of the We’Moon 2020 Datebook themed “Wake Up Call.” This beautiful annual publication is packed with art and writing by and for women. It includes moon phases, astrology, and every aspect of earth wisdom imaginable. This year I have 2 pieces: “St. Anne, Patron of Mothers of Daughters” and “Mokosh, Goddess of the Working Woman.” St. Anne is, of course, in Christian lore, the mother of Mary the mother of Jesus. I have long thought about Anne’s story and how difficult it is for mothers of famous daughters who follow a path that almost totally excludes them. And in that light how tough it is for all mothers to let their offspring go to follow their true path and purpose. Mokosh is my maiden name, bequeathed to me by my Czechoslovakian grandparents who immigrated here in the nineteen-teens without money, language or knowledge of their gods. I found out by accident on the internet many years ago that Mokosh is an actual slavic goddess who is being studied more actively now. The Slavs didn’t have a written language years ago and the culture was too poor to erect lavish statues. Besides Mokosh is a homely goddess of fieldwork, spinning and childbirth. Her name means water, something they had little of. She is not glamourous, with a big head and large hands. Her feast day is any Friday.

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