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Two Poems in Bright Hill Anthology

“Like Light” is the title of the anthology which celebrates 25 years of Bright Hill, the press that published my book, “The Fates.” Editor Bertha Rogers collected poetry and prose from writers who have either been published by or who have read at Bright Hill Literary Center in Treadwell, New York.  My poem “Lipstick” is both about my mother and about a deaf patient who could read lips. “A Relic of Skin” is based on a childhood memory of finding a snake skin in my grandmother’s cellar. The 474 page book is beautifully presented by Bertha who is a graphic artist as well as a poet. I am so thankful to Bertha and Bright Hill’s Staff and Board for honoring my work and including me with all the other gifted writers who have been blessed by this earthly source of beauty and inspiration.

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