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Tor House Contest Winner!

My poem “When Grief is Animal” has been selected as one of 4 Honorable Mentions in this year’s Robinson Jeffers Tor House competition. The judge was Marie Howe, one of my favorite poets, and it is so exciting to think that she read and reacted to my poem. Robinson Jeffers is very important to us since we have a beautiful collection of his work. My father-in-law had dreamed of opening a used book store when he retired so had collected certain writers for years. He never opened the book store, but enjoyed the books nonetheless. When he passed away we inherited the Jeffers while Jim’s brother got Zane Grey. We have about 6 first editions and three signed copies. One of the trips we plan on taking once the quarantine is over is to Monterey to visit Tor House in person. There are certain places sacred to the Arts and I believe it is one of them. You are learn more about it and also read my poem and the wonderful other winners at www.torhouse.org and then click on Prize Poems.

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