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My poem “Hemlock at Ten” is just out in vol. 4, Issue 4, Winter 2016 of CATAMARAN Literary Reader.  This is a glossy, magazine-sized journal that I first encountered in Barnes and Noble a couple of years ago.  The format with its beautiful artwork, often full-page sized, and plenty of white space around the poems and stories, attracted me visually.  The imagistic quality of the pieces included drew my imagination.  I though to myself then, “I sure would love to have a poem in here!”  The poem they accepted is based on a childhood memory of climbing a tree.  I was not an adventurous child, but when my friend enticed me, I followed her up what I recall as a giant hemlock.  I was terrified and terribly excited at the same time.  And when she finally coaxed me down. I was never the same.  I hope I captured this moment that even after more than 50 years, I cannot forget.

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