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Four Poems in the Meditative “Leaping Clear”

This autumn I have 4 poems published in the online “Leaping Clear” Journal: www.leapingclear.org. The first is “The Girl Who Loved the Varied Thrush,” for my friend Anna who loves all animals and who knows the names of many birds. The second is “How to  Build a Bat House” and is about the widow, whose house we almost bought. When bats settled under the siding around the front door and the realtor insisted they put up plastic to keep them away, she learned how to build a dwelling for them on the south side of her home.

The third poem is a beautiful distant memory of my grandmother, Esther. And the last one talks seeing a totem pole – I am fascinated by totem poles – and wondering about my own totem/animal affiliate or protector.

As part of this journal, the editors asked for a statement about the poet’s meditative practice. Here is mine: Listening is essential to my meditative practice. I am clairaudient. Inspiration, enlightenment, and peace come to me in sounds and voices. We live near the ocean and forests and close to mountains. I am blessed with an abundance of bird song, wind, and waves. In addition, I love to read my favorite authors aloud and memorize lines. I enjoy gathering snatches of conversation and discover lives through borrowed words. My Guides offer phrases in my dreams. I am so grateful for my ears! I am most connected to the world through everyday music.

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