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Fortune Telling Poem Published

My poem, “Blue Bicycle Fortune Deck” is in the Fall issue of Sheila-Na-Gig online journal. It is a description of my psychic Grandmother, Esther Monson Erdman, through images of the deck she used. You can read the piece at www.sheilanagigblog.com.

Instead of Tarot cards, Esther preferred regular playing cards for her psychic work. The deck she usually worked with is the traditional 52 card solitaire that commonly featured either a blue or red cherub riding a bicycle on the back. She was superstitious about everything, most especially her cards.

I prefer Tarot because I believe the art adds versatility. I am able to invite my client to look at the images with me to find answers and meaning. But Grandma was a whiz with her Queens and 9s and aces. She always told family fortunes over the Holidays and thus I am especially reminded of her this time of year.

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