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Joanne the Poet - The Poetry of Joanne M. Clarkson

International Praise for “Believing the Body”

I felt so honored to receive these words about “Believing the Body” from my friend and inspiration, Bahareh Amidi.

soul-0211Joanne’s poetry reminds me of life and death and everything in between; from the cry of a child, to the making of oatmeal, the wonder of seeing a deer, the touch of a wound and the touch to a heart. Her writing is a reminder of all that we forget on a daily basis. These poems help me start living through new eyes and rejoicing in life’s wonders. With her words she paints such vivid pictures of health and also pictures of wounds. I will always remember the first touch, and the oatmeal that brought gaps together, and the deer whose glance captured the heart and soul of a young one in pain. The poetry of Joanne signifies the writings of someone who is able to capture moments in words. As if snap shots of reality. Reality, which constitutes birth and death, reality that encompasses pain and joy.  These words are ones I will come back to time and time again, just to refresh my mind and soul with the beauty of the true essence of humanity.

-Bahareh Amidi Ph.D. Poetry Therapist

Bahareh Amidi is an American-Iranian spiritual poet of light.  She grew up in the US and has traveled across the world, currently living in Abu Dhabi.  Her Western upbringing and years spent living in the Middle East have given her a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of life, death, and relationships.  Bahareh holds Doctorate in Educational Psychology.  She works in Poetry Therapy and honors the words of many who have suffered including women living in shelters and those imprisoned.

Joanne first met Bahareh at a Healing Art of Writing workshop in 2012.  Read more at www.Bahareh.com

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