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Poetry Place – Welcome

Welcome to my website!  I hope it is somewhere you will enjoy visiting.  I am inviting you to come often and to enrich it with your presence.  When I asked Carolyn Madison to create a website for me, I told her that I didn’t want it to be an ‘ad’ for my poetry but rather a cyber setting where my poems could reach people, certainly, but also be a source of inspiration and conversation.  I want poets, poetry lovers and people who are just getting to know poetry to all feel comfortable here.
As many of you know, I read palms and cards in the tradition of my psychic Grandmother, Esther Monson.  A few months ago I was listening to a lecture by a famous Psychic during which he described how to create (mentally) a ‘room for readings’ which was open to the universe but also protected.  I found this very helpful.  And I took it a step farther.  I also created a Poetry Room where I could write inspired and also safe from unhelpful thoughts and feelings.

My poetic space has a window where I look out into my past.  It has a curved lens for intensely experiencing the present.  The ceiling can open to the stars or to let in perfect white light. The walls and floor are made of beautiful polished wood.  A stone fireplace embraces one wall with its blue and golden flames full of images and metaphor.  On a large screen, controlled by my mind, favorite poets, artists, writers, heroes and friends appear to advise and enlighten.

I won’t tell you everything about my poetry room, but I do encourage you to create one of your own.  As with the psychic work, when you enter, you lock out all negativity and false thinking.  Once you are in, your mind and spirit can be open.  It is fun to spend some time designing the space and it is fluid, of course.  But once you have it more or less finished, it just takes a minute to enter and get settled.  My writing was benefited from having its own mental dwelling and yours might as well.

Again, welcome to my website and please come back often!

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  1. Iris Gribble-Neal says:

    Beautiful site, Joanne. I am so happy that we have made a connection.

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