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New Poetry Book Arrives – Believing the Body

Joanne M. Clarkson reading her latest publication "Believing the Body"

Announcing the arrival of my chapbook, Believing the Body, published by Gribble Press in Spokane! It contains 24 poems and was beautifully designed and edited by artist-poet Iris Gribble-Neal.

The book moves from the universal with, “The Planet Shakespeare,” into the more personal. It includes 4 poems inspired by my dear friend and mentor Dr. Jess Spielholz, 8 based on patients I have cared for, 2 about their wonderful caregivers. The rest have to do with themes around my own family and my own life experience.

I wrote these partly in answer to the question, posed by poet Walt Whitman, which serves as the frontpiece: “And if the body were not the soul, what is the soul?” Through my nursing I have learned a lot about both. Those I work with and serve inspire me every day. I hope my poetry is a tribute to those who have found joy in the most unlikely circumstances. And a call to each of us every day to “wake/ into an unknown love.”

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