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Tarot Inspired Poem

Poems from the Tarot A Zoom Workshop for National Poetry Month, April 2021  with Joanne M Clarkson, Psychic Poet As my gift to myself and the Universe during National Poetry…Read More »

Poetry Envelope, A Personal Anthology

For more than ten years I have kept a computer file labeled “Poems I Admire.” Whenever I come across a poem I consider truly inspiring, I save it into this…Read More »

Moments That Have to Be Poems

How do poems come to us? The theme, the details, the words, the images, the channel into enlightenment? How do we become our art? When I consider my life, I…Read More »

What I Learned from Writing Sonnets

It’s hard. Not just a little difficult, but seriously challenging to craft a good poem in a specific, time-tested, venerated form. One that doesn’t sound forced or stilted. One that…Read More »