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San Pedro River Review

San Pedro River Review, Spring 2014 “Work” issue. My poem is called “Farmer’s Child” and is about seeing the land my grandfather used to farm, that he lost during the Great Depression and mourned for all his life.

Naugatuck River Review

Naugatuck River Review: a journal of narrative poetry that sings. Winter 2014. My poem, “Last Chorus,” included here was a finalist for the annual contest. I wrote this poem for the Double Shot festival in Olympia last year. It is one of my “Jess poems” about my friend and mentor. He told me the story…Read More »

The Midwest Quarterly Fall 2013

The Midwest Quarterly Fall 2013. Theme: The Living and the Dead. Two poems: “Red Wind Breaker” (based on a news story about a boy who drowned in a rip tide at Westport, WA) and “Eyes Like Trunk or Wingtip” about seeing a squirrel who was hit by a car.

The Examined Life Journal

The Examined Life Journal from the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. Fall 2013. I have two poems in this issue: “Moment of Knowing” a tribute to a caregiver trying to feed an angry, confused man peaches and “Leaving Him There,” for a wife who could no long care for her aging husband with…Read More »

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