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Garbage Can Scrap Time

More than twenty years ago, when I worked for a library system in Illinois, we were required to attend a ‘time management’ workshop.  Nobody was looking forward to it expecting to be bored senseless.  Yet is has become the only training session I remember from all my Corn Belt years. After we were seated in…Read More »



Poetry Does Matter

  This past week three things reminded me how much poetry matters and that we must never doubt the time we spend with our words.   While I was visiting an Adult Family Home to care for a diabetic patient who had been on my caseload for a long time, a woman I had never…Read More »



Poetry Place – Welcome

Welcome to my website!  I hope it is somewhere you will enjoy visiting.  I am inviting you to come often and to enrich it with your presence.  When I asked Carolyn Madison to create a website for me, I told her that I didn’t want it to be an ‘ad’ for my poetry but rather…Read More »



Not My Father’s Arms

As I sat with him that October afternoon, my friend, who was dying, revealed his worst recollection. Not the backwards premonition I expected of war, fractures, the premature passing of his only daughter, but an evening, he told me, when he was four or five. His mother gave permission for him to meet his father,…Read More »

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