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New Poetry Book Arrives – Believing the Body

Announcing the arrival of my chapbook, Believing the Body, published by Gribble Press in Spokane! It contains 24 poems and was beautifully designed and edited by artist-poet Iris Gribble-Neal. The book moves from the universal with, “The Planet Shakespeare,” into the more personal. It includes 4 poems inspired by my dear friend and mentor Dr….Read More »

Believing the Body - Joanne M. Clarkson



Garbage Can Scrap Time

More than twenty years ago, when I worked for a library system in Illinois, we were required to attend a ‘time management’ workshop.  Nobody was looking forward to it expecting to be bored senseless.  Yet is has become the only training session I remember from all my Corn Belt years. After we were seated in…Read More »



Poetry Does Matter

  This past week three things reminded me how much poetry matters and that we must never doubt the time we spend with our words.   While I was visiting an Adult Family Home to care for a diabetic patient who had been on my caseload for a long time, a woman I had never…Read More »



Poetry Place – Welcome

Welcome to my website!  I hope it is somewhere you will enjoy visiting.  I am inviting you to come often and to enrich it with your presence.  When I asked Carolyn Madison to create a website for me, I told her that I didn’t want it to be an ‘ad’ for my poetry but rather…Read More »

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