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Poetry Book Launch – Believing the Body

Hear the story of how the book was created and all the people the poems honor. Joanne will read selected poems. Believing the Body, published by Gribble Press in Spokane, contains 24 poems. Some feature patients Joanne has cared for and their caregivers. Others address man’s place in the universe. The book was edited and…Read More »

Joanne the Poet - Believing the Body book launch - Lunch & Poetry event



New Poetry Book Arrives – Believing the Body

Announcing the arrival of my chapbook, Believing the Body, published by Gribble Press in Spokane! It contains 24 poems and was beautifully designed and edited by artist-poet Iris Gribble-Neal. The book moves from the universal with, “The Planet Shakespeare,” into the more personal. It includes 4 poems inspired by my dear friend and mentor Dr….Read More »

Believing the Body - Joanne M. Clarkson



Garbage Can Scrap Time

More than twenty years ago, when I worked for a library system in Illinois, we were required to attend a ‘time management’ workshop.  Nobody was looking forward to it expecting to be bored senseless.  Yet is has become the only training session I remember from all my Corn Belt years. After we were seated in…Read More »



Poetry Does Matter

  This past week three things reminded me how much poetry matters and that we must never doubt the time we spend with our words.   While I was visiting an Adult Family Home to care for a diabetic patient who had been on my caseload for a long time, a woman I had never…Read More »

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