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Yes, Laura, There Is a Muse

Some poems are simply ‘received,’ gifts that match words to moment so perfectly it seems travesty to change even one. A friend in my writing group brought this up when discussing how we know when and what to edit. My immediate response to her was: “edit, edit, edit.” I tend to agonize over my own…Read More »



Thankful for Colrain Conference

In June I participated in a Colrain Conference in Truchas, New Mexico.  The Colrains, organized and directed by Joan Houlihan, occur several times a year in different locations around the country and focus on putting together and publishing a book-length collection of poetry.  Attending this event was one of my best decisions. Attendees were to…Read More »



The Poem’s Purpose

  Every so often I get stuck writing a poem that seems to have potential but just doesn’t develop.  I like some of the images and my word choices seem original, but I’m just not ‘in love’ with my poem. When this happens I have discovered that the reason is that I really don’t know…Read More »



What Does ‘Confidence’ Mean to a Poet?

I am embarrassed to tell you how much I struggle with wanting to be a great poet versus feelings of unworthiness about recognition.  I think these feelings are burned into many of us from early childhood.  I was taught that humility is the greatest virtue.  But is it?  I read the quote below today and…Read More »

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