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Living Like a Poet

Living Like a Poet Joanne M. Clarkson, October 2016   Poets find truth and beauty in the most unlikely places. Focus on something, anything, in front of you right now: tea cup, bottle of             catsup, calendar, what’s out the window.  Write down descriptive detail and more especially associations (personal and to the larger world).  …Read More »



September is Almost Here: Send! Send! Send!

For me, autumn has always been the best time to send my poetry out for consideration.  Many publications are on hiatus for the summer.  Once September rolls around journals, online zines and contests open up once again.  Everybody is reading.    Ever since I started writing poetry seriously in college in the 70’s, I’ve had my…Read More »



New Book Is Here: “There’s Always a Miracle, True Stories of Life Before and After Death”

For years I have thought about writing down my experiences with death – and the afterlife.  Mysterious things have happened to me personally.  In addition, I have had brushes with the other side through my patients, especially Hospice patients. I have written many poems about people’s final moments – the suffering, the connections, the unexpected…Read More »



Engaging Poetry Line by Line

I love being “in” poetry – immersed in the best language driven by intense feeling. In order to do this more fully, I decided to create a poetry practice for myself.  Each day I select one line or phrase from a favorite, or newly discovered, poet, write or type it out, tape it to the…Read More »

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