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Joanne the Poet wants to help YOU get your excellent poems OUT THERE!  There is an art to publishing.  There are effective stragegies.  Focusing on publishing doesn’t mean that you ignore writing and revision.  Rather, it is an INCENTIVE to keep you going.  Writing for specific journals and venues helps you work and work until you have a finished product you are proud to offer.  Entering contests, for instance, gives you a DEADLINE to work towards.  It makes you get up in the morning and want to write.  It encourages you to finish what you started, to get your poems on a printed or webpage.

Joanne will work with you via email, phone or in person.  Charge is $50.00/hr.  with additional brief ‘free’ clarification or question sessions.  Not to mention access to resources that Joanne provides.

Contact Joanne the Poet today via phone or email to get started!

Phone: 360-701-2030

Email: Mokosh28@comcast.net.