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Pulse—Voices From the Heart of Medicine

Pulse—Voices From the Heart of Medicine, featured my poem, “Teaching the Wound,” the Friday before Christmas. This is another journal offering free email subscriptions. Each Friday a new poem, story or non-fiction piece arrives! The journal archives everything so writings are always available by going to www.pulsevoices.org. The website offers links to other journals that…Read More »

Saranac Review

“Birth of the North Wind” and “Old Growth” in Saranac Review, Tenth Anniversary Issue, 2014.

Perfume River Poetry Review

The Goodbye Skin. Perfume River Poetry Review, Issue 2: Ars Erotica, 2014. This is another beautiful, tasteful, sensitive collection produced by Vuong Quoc Vu, editor of Tourane Press. My poem is another ‘true’ one about a hospice patient’s wife. I didn’t see these people very many times. He had a horribly painful nerve disease that…Read More »

Pudding Magazine

“Auditioning Sisters,” “Thoroughbred” and “Wearing the Clothes of the Dead” in Pudding Magazine, #62.

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