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Switched-on Gutenberg

“The Weather Letters” in Switched-on Gutenberg (online journal).  Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 20 Weather, 2014.

Poems to Honor and Console

Poems to Honor and Console My most recent publication is “The Goodbye Skin,” which just appeared in the Ars Erotica issue of Perfume River Poetry Review.  Editor Vuong Quoc Vu has selected poems of great sensitivity and beauty to include in this issue about love.  I very much enjoy his own poetry as well as…Read More »

MENTORS: A Jess Story and More

A mentor is more than a good teacher.  She/he is someone who has already achieved and arrived somewhere I want to go.  And she is willing to help me get there by more than example. That day that I got a new patient on my roster because one of the other nurses was sick, I…Read More »

International Praise for “Believing the Body”

I felt so honored to receive these words about “Believing the Body” from my friend and inspiration, Bahareh Amidi. Joanne’s poetry reminds me of life and death and everything in between; from the cry of a child, to the making of oatmeal, the wonder of seeing a deer, the touch of a wound and the…Read More »

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