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Engaging Poetry Line by Line

I love being “in” poetry – immersed in the best language driven by intense feeling. In order to do this more fully, I decided to create a poetry practice for myself.  Each day I select one line or phrase from a favorite, or newly discovered, poet, write or type it out, tape it to the…Read More »

Publishing in Twenty-Sixteen

  Writing poetry is the fun part. Attempting publication can seem over-whelming, risky and time-consuming.  But worth it for a number of reasons.  In 2016, I am making ‘sending out my poems’ a positive component of my poetry practice.  Here is my plan: Daily affirmation. For me, setting the right spirit makes a huge difference. My…Read More »

Into the Beauty

  One day during my Hospice years, my schedule included a patient usually assigned to another nurse who was now on vacation. The notes said that she was fine; resting comfortably and that this would be a routine visit. The Adult Family Home where she was spending her final days was quiet and clean. When…Read More »

Yes, Laura, There Is a Muse

Some poems are simply ‘received,’ gifts that match words to moment so perfectly it seems travesty to change even one. A friend in my writing group brought this up when discussing how we know when and what to edit. My immediate response to her was: “edit, edit, edit.” I tend to agonize over my own…Read More »

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