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Not Black or Native. Daring to Become Other Even for an Evening

I am so thrilled to have my poem “The Girl Who Wore Cedar” in the recently released WA129 Anthology put together by Washington poet laureate Tod Marshall.  This is a true poem made from the joining of two stories that began in my childhood.  It is dedicated to “Judy” someone I was almost able to…Read More »

My Poetry Manuscript “The Fates” Wins Bright Hill Press’ Annual Contest

I am thrilled to announce that my poetry book, “The Fates,” has won Bright Hill Press’ annual competition!  It will be published spring 2017.  Bright Hill is located in Treadwell, New York, and has been publishing books and sponsoring workshops, readings and exhibits since 1992.  Bertha Rogers is Editor in Chief.  Richard Foerster was the…Read More »

30 Poems During November!

I have pledged to write a poem a day this month!  This is a gift to myself, allowing time to do one of the things I love best.  This Marathon is sponsored by Tupelo Press.  Nine of us are writing together and our poems are posted each day at www.tupelopress.org/3030-project-2/.  Or you can type in…Read More »

Living Like a Poet

Living Like a Poet Joanne M. Clarkson, October 2016   Poets find truth and beauty in the most unlikely places. Focus on something, anything, in front of you right now: tea cup, bottle of             catsup, calendar, what’s out the window.  Write down descriptive detail and more especially associations (personal and to the larger world).  …Read More »

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